mKsiegowa.pl combines accounting with general purpose functionality that helps you run your business. Program documentation is available in English and Polish.


księgowość online Accounting   rejestr vat Tax Inquiry   faktura elektroniczna Electronic invoice
zakupy online Purchases   księgowanie wyciagow bankowych Banking   środki trwałe Fixed Assets
program magazynowy Stock management   produkcja Manufacturing   crm online CRM Online
księgowanie projektów Project finances   raporty księgowe online Reports   czy księgowość w chmurze jest bezpieczna Security
dokumentacja elektroniczna Electronic documentation   pliki JPK Standard Audit File      




general ledger

  • unlimited number of accounts
  • several English & US chart of account templates available
  • account classes
  • account groups
  • manual journal entry with dimensions entry
  • budget entry even on dimensions.
  • the account list follows the keying of accounts
  • detailed inquiries with drill downs and reports
  • journal inquiry with edition/view of journal entries
  • quick entries (preset GL transactions) in bank deposit/payment, journal entry and supplier invoice/credit
  • balance based with period percent for depreciation
  • closing a fiscal year also closes the balances and brings forward retained earnings
  • deleting a fiscal year removes all transactions and convert into relevant open  balances
  • import multiple journal entry from CSV files

sales (accounts receivable)

  • sales
  • unlimited number of customers
  • customer branches
  • sales quotations (with inquiry and creating of sales orders)
  • sales orders (can be printed as pro-forma invoice)
  • delivery to invoice
  • separation of customer invoice issue and goods delivery.
  • invoicing
  • VAT reverse charge invoices
  • credit notes according to Polish regulations
  • documents can have more than one row with the same stock id
  • direct delivery
  • direct VAT invoice
  • retail business - fiscal receipts
  • batch invoicing for more than one delivery
  • template delivery and invoicing. can be marked in sales order inquiry
  • most of sales documents are editable
  • links to print documents after entry
  • links to print documents in inquiries
  • line descriptions in sales documents can be edited and printing of documents handles multiple line of descriptions
  • point of sales (POS) definitions for better handling of cash sales
  • sales groups for grouping customer branches
  • recurrent invoices
  • dimensions can be selected on sales delivery and invoices
  • accumulating of shipping costs and legal text on invoices
  • new printed document layout
  • deposits, single and batch, allocations
  • immediate allocation when paying
  • sales areas
  • sales types
  • sales groups
  • salesmen
  • salesman provisions and breakpoints for calculating provisions for salesmen; salesmen report
  • shipping companies

purchase (accounts payable)

  • unlimited number of suppliers
  • purchase orders
  • goods receival notes (GRN)
  • direct GRN
  • direct supplier invoice
  • option for GRN Clearing
  • supplier invoices, with received items and GL items
  • supplier price lists
  • conversion factor in purchasing prices
  • purchasable prices with up to 6 decimals
  • various payment terms
  • supplier credit notes show only invoices for a period
  • 'credit this' link in supplier inquiry
  • immediate allocation when paying
  • attachment of scanned documents

items and inventory

  • unlimited number of stock and none-stock items
  • item categories
  • item locations
  • price lists also in various currencies
  • adjustments
  • location transfers
  • re-order levels (option: email notification when stocks available are below re-order levels)
  • automatic calculation of average item material cost from po delivery and work order entry
  • automatic calculation of prices from home currency and base sales type settings
  • automatic calculation of prices from percent addition on standard costs. prices rounded to nearest xx cent
  • quantity decimals now use the item units if any
  • item kit sets for order/sales speed up
  • foreign codes registration for barcode scanner entry


  • use up to 2 levels; dimensions can be used as:
    • projects
    • cost centres
    • departments
  • inventories (the general ledger can be selected over several years)
  • or whatever you define them to be
  • dimension view shows account balance
  • dimension due date and costs follow-up

banking, mobile payments

  • several bank accounts
  • detailed payments and deposits
  • currencies
  • currency rates by date (historical)
  • bank inquiries and reports
  • bank accounts reconciliation


  • a considerable amount of reports can easily be printed out into PDF
  • you can also select the destination Excel (XLS)
  • most general ledger reports can be filtered by dimensions
  • period selections can be made over several financial years
  • documents with forms and logos can be batch printed out and automatically emailed customers - invoices can be selected with an electronic payment link
  • customer/supplier balances with open balance
  • several reports can be supplied with Business Graphics. Options are charts with Horizontal bars, Vertical bars, Dots, Lines, Pies and Donuts
  • tag selections in several reports
  • option for saving report selections

access levels and adaptation

  • unlimited number of financial (fiscal) years
  • financial years can be closed against entries
  • multi-user access with different privileges
  • voiding of transactions
  • reprinting of transactions
  • backup and restore of companies
  • a date picker alongside all date fields including week numbers
  • a simple audit trail (stamping GL transactions with username)

currency support

  • historical currency rates
  • multi-currency bank accounts, customers and suppliers

basic features

  • optional Replacement of Listboxes for Items, Customers and/or Suppliers with a Search Box
  • datepicker included in all date fields; also shows week number
  • full Ajax Implementation; no reload of pages when updating forms
  • advanced PDF Engine included; full Support for unicode and right-to-left (utf8bidi)
  • automatic support for upgrading database changes from earlier release
  • accelerator keys in menues. Arrow navigations in menus
  • support for default buttons with Ctrl-Enter/Escape hotkeys
  • grouping listboxes where appropriate
  • sortable database paging in inquiries with many records
  • improved layout in long forms (now double sided)
  • an inactive field in most 'catalog' tables to prepare for making records inactive
  • option for graphic links instead of text links in tables
  • option to use last document date on subsequent new documents
  • Bank Charge field in Customer/Supplier Payment
  • Audit Trail for all operations with Report
  • discrete display of users on-line in footers
  • several themes based on CSS. Can be activated from inside the program


Try mKsięgowa now, and for free - see the fully functional demo.