Partner program

White label accounting software in Poland

We're offering our partners to setup accounting online for their customers on our platform.

Accounting offices gain several opportunities using our accounting tools:

  • can focus on the bookkeeping business - we do the IT stuff
  • improve co-operation with customers using an internet - customers do not need to visit the office in person
  • offer customers integrated invoicing, stock management, manufacturing - customers do not need to pay for booking documents they enter on their own

Corporate identity on the web becomes very important. Partners have opportunity to adjust our accounting online system to their identity.

The program has been prepared in following aspects:

  • accounting online program may be setup using a skin designed for the partner using prefered logo, colors and menu layout
  • wiki can be setup for the partner containing help and other content that partner wants to offer his customers;
  • electronic repository of scanned documents can setup sepcifically for the partner

Some examples of screen layouts below.

Main manu with partner's logo:

accounting online poland

Change of colors, logo and layout:

accounting poland

One more version of end-user's skin:

accounting poland online

Please contact us if you have any questions.